Product Comparison

Sunspaces a Canadian Company has over over 200 Dealers across Canada and US


Competitor products might look the same however there are big differences, not only Warranty but the structures themselves.  Please read some important information then click on the links below.

Lets look at the the Acrylic roof first.

Sunspace Acrylic roofs: non polycarbon, gauranteed to 30 years and is used in commercial applications


Competitors: old polycarbon based product that yellows and brittles over time, gauranteed to 10 years.



Vinyl 4 Track Windows:

Sunspace WeatherMaster Newly Designed vinyl windows, larger viewing openings with all 4 vents the same size, each vent strongly held in jamb tracks that can easily be removed and replaced. weatherMaster offer window sizes up to 12 feet wide and custom door sizes, many colour options.


Competitors: each vent is different size and held in by plastic pins with over 40 moving parts per window.

Viewing area is reduced by larger side jamgs. Only single window units offered with limited sizes and colours.



Sunspace Sunrooms are all custom sized, all windows and openings fully vented, standard 12" overhangs to vent windows in rain, gutters and downspouts included to eliminate water fall and lawn trenching, Lifetime warranty on all structure!

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