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Series 200 Seasonal Sunrooms

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Extend your summer season and enjoy your backyard for several more months every year with a 3-season sunroom!
Many colour options available!

Our 200 series 3 season sunrooms are the most attractive, affordable weather resistant structures on the market today. Modular walls built with the Weathermaster vertical track windows provide 75% screen openings for full summer breeze and yet fully closed our customers can enjoy solar heated rooms in the cold of winter!

Our sunrooms and awnings can be attached to your home or cottage to cover a new or existing deck, patio, or concrete slab. They are permanent, engineered specifically for Nova Scotia’s climate to take the wind and regional snow without buckling or showing signs of wear.

  • The #1 selling Weathermaster Seasonal Sunrooms offer a Lifetime structural warranty.

  • Weathermaster vertical track windows offer the greatest 75% vented screened openings for full summer breeze. 

  • When fully closed, customers can enjoy solar heated rooms in winter. 

  • We offer many choices of colors and window tints at no additional cost.

  • The Acrylite roof system blocks 100% UV rays and 75% of infrared rays (heat), while letting through most of the light.

  • There’s no large awning casting a shadow on the deck, patio, or the room behind the adjacent windows.

  • There’s no large umbrella that has to be folded down every time the wind picks up.

  • There’s no retractable sunshade that has to be cranked into position every time someone wants to sit outside.

  • Our 3 season sunrooms offer a relaxed patio atmosphere that adds value and beauty to your home.

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